We set up this blog to document the building of our straw bale, carbon neutral house.  Originally, we posted from the view point of our Jack Russell terrier, Lotti.  Sadly, Lotti died a couple of years ago, and whilst we have dedicated the site to her, the doggy theme is now somewhat redundant.  Thus, we will continue to report our house-building progress in a less canine way.

So, welcome all to one of Leicestershire’s premier dead-house-building-dog  tribute sites, and read on to learn of the trials, tribulations and mud involved in building a low carbon, low impact house……


New -After an extremely long silence, and new update here details why I haven’t posted for ages – I’ve been too busy building a house!  Check out the latest post to see our progress….


You can still see this short movie file, showing how the site has changed since we started the construction process in 2012, from site clearance and levelling to the erection of the barn roof and the first walls.



16 thoughts on “Home

    1. lotti Post author

      Thanks, I will. They did lots of work last week, digging big holes in the ground. I’m about to write a post about it all, when my secretary (Rob) is free!

  1. caffers

    Yeah right, either of my cats would scare the sh#t out of Lotti. In fact my left sock would probably do the job. Please do not promote the abuse of cats on your ‘eco-blog’ as I don’t feel that threatening to eat my pets is very RSPB.

    1. lotti Post author

      OOOO-oo……Don’t blame me, blame the secretary (or in this case Dr Wardale)… My comments have been taken out of context (that context being a small terrier who likes to appear tough but isn’t really).

      1. caffers

        We know who you are, small shivery dog, and the only way you’d look tough is cooked and on a plate. (the cats made me write that)

  2. Kendrew

    Lotti – I wish you well. Your Northern Irish equivalent canine (Ben) is continually pushing his owners to complete his build which unfortunately is not zero-carbon but is a low energy build. Circumstances dictate that! We have a completely watertight shell and some internal work done. Having no $$ is a significant problem for my owners. I have cut back on dog food to help stretch the weekly budget but it’s taken them an awfully long time….

  3. Kendrew

    Lotti. I trust you tuned into the latest Grand Designs and saw the gargantuan cob house which was featured. Spectacular and what a graft. That house is so big you, a wee dog, would get lost

  4. Ghill Sichel

    Hi Lotti…look for a comment from a Fallbrook (nr San Diego) resident who built a straw bale house a few years ago….she loves her house!

  5. Roxy Braybrooks

    I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but the last time you came to my house we played chase around the sundial. I, along with my two-legs Doug and Wendy, are watching progress with interest. At the moment it looks a bit drafty for me, but I think my feline sister Jazz would love it.

  6. Doug and Wendy

    We were wondering if you had considered a name for the legendary home you are building, and bearing in mind Lotti’s earlier involvement, how about” Camelotti “?

  7. Lindsay and Nev

    Hi – just stumbled across your blog – what an amazing project! Did you struggle with planning permission? We are looking to build a similar project and currently live in a terraced house. We are looking for a similar plot of land but it’s a real struggle to get something affordable that will be considered for planning? Any help greatly appreciated! Thankyou.

    1. scampifield

      Finding the plot was not a problem, as its in the family, but getting planning took a while. Because the farm is outside the village envelope, we had to establish a specific and unique ‘angle’. This was the combination of low energy in build and running with the use of farm byproducts, and we have a ‘106’ that requires we publicise the build.


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