The Site

The site has been part of the current farm since the 1960’s, when it was bought by the farmer (Chris’s dad).  Before this, the site had been used as the village dump, before centralised rubbish collections, and was home to all the local rubbish – jars, bottles, crockery, old bikes, boots and animal bones.  The owners then flattened all this to a level site and plated it with larch trees.  40 plus years on, we took it over, and in preparing it brought much of this old rubbish back to the surface.


The resulting very amateur archaeology has proved mysteriously fascinating to at least one of us, who has got very excited over 1920’s Marmite and Bovril jars, old lemonade bottles and ink pots. 

DSC_6861 DSC_6864 DSC_6871 DSC_6875

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