Raising the barn – part 2 – Late summer 2013

In late August, lorries started to arrive at the the yard carrying the components for the roof cladding.


Curved steel roof sheets with condensation reduction coating on the underside.

A week or so later, DPL steel Buildings were back on site, to put the cladding onto the frame, to give us a roof, before the walls!  Unconventional, but you can explain this stuff to the Two-Legs time and time again and they just look confused and chuck the ball again, so I have to fetch it back! Evolution has some funny ways yer know….

Anyway, after four very long days in hot sun, the DPL fellas completed a very splendid looking barn, fit to have a house built under it!


DSC_7009 2013_ 9_ 7_19_10 DSC_7027DSC_7013



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I am a small but feisty (unless you include dishwashers, fishing rods, doors or Chihuahuas) Jack Russell terrier. I like food, sleeping in the sun and chasing balls, cats and anything else that runs. I also like living in the country, which is why I've commissioned my humans to build me a new house - read on......

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