Preparing the site and raising the barn – part 1

Early in  July, DPL Structures Ltd (a local company – who also dismantled the barn from its original site) dug the footing holes for barn plinths on site.

IMG_0629 IMG_0630

On the hottest day of the year the concrete was poured (a standard concrete mix, but including between 21 and 35% fly-ash to reduce cement content).

IMG_0654 IMG_0645

Into this they set the 4-bolt sets to secure the barn stanchions.

IMG_0638 IMG_0646

Later in the month, DPL commenced erection of the frame itself . It only took them  2 days to put it all up!


This is me checking out the final result – actually something to show for all the effort and noise!!


The bolts receiving the foot of a leg

DSC_6726 DSC_6718 DSC_6717 DSC_6831


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