Site preparation – September 2012/March 2013

After removal of larch trees from the site in early autumn 2012 (after the bird breeding season)  by Rob, Katie and Chris, the site was levelled.

IMG_0229 IMG_0234 IMG_0343 IMG_0348

After I showed them the way….

2013_ 6_21_14_12


Brian, from local contractors H Duffin & sons, came with his JCB and levelled the site.  Over two days, he removed nearly 1ft of soil from the site, which was moved to the back of the site, next to the road.  Here it was added to a 10ft high bund, to shield the site from roads noise.  This process brought us all into much closer contact with the site’s former use as the village tip.  We found hundreds of old bottles, as well as tons of rotting metal, cattle bones and boot soles!

IMG_0513 DSC_5905 IMG_0207

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