Restoring the frame – June 2013

Early in June 2013,  Andy & Paul from Blastek came and spent 2 days sandblasting the frame. We were dead lucky with the dry weather, and the start of what turned out to be a long hot spell.  I hated the noise the sand blaster made, and made myself scarce in the house until it had gone.


Meanwhile, as Andy & Paul cleaned the steel, Katie, Rob and their friend Dave spent the next week spraying the clean steel with 2 coats of Peganox rust prevention paint, then 1 coat of Mathys cladding Top-coat paint.

IMG_0618 IMG_0617 P1040010 P1040009

The paint was mainly applied with a hired airless sprayer which also made a hateful noise.  Spencer, Dave’s accompanying dog (much less important than me) didn’t seem to mind, but didn’t help much either.

P1040017 P1040012

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