More foundations – in the mud and rain (almost). October 2013.

Hello construction fans, Lotti here again.  Over the past few weekends, me and my construction team have been hard at work again on site. Finally, the destruction has finished and we have started to build up layers of tyres in the bottom of the trenches.

Now the bottom of the trenches has been levelled, we spread aggregate thinly and compacted and levelled it to provide a firm level base for the tyres.

2013_10_26_13_28 2013_10_26_13_26 2013_10_26_19_44

We placed the tyres butted up against one-another along the length of each trench, except for gaps to allow services (water and waste pipes) through.  Each tyre was filled with pea gravel, making sure the rim is fully packed, as this is the main weight-bearing area for the next tyre in the stack.  


After minimal instruction, the two-Legs seemed to get the hang of it, though I had to keep an eye on them.

2013_10_26_19_45 2013_11_ 2_19_33

After about 4 days’ work, we had two trenches filled with four layers of tyres, all packed and level.  This brought these foundations up to soil level.  Then we back filled the inner side of each trench with waste soil from the excavations back to ground level.  On the outer side, we filled up to the height of the first two tyre courses.  The layers above will be filled with gravel over land-drain pipes to form a french drain to keep the base of the walls dry.

2013_10_26_13_32 2013_11_ 2_19_26 2013_10_26_19_50 2013_11_ 2_19_25By the end of today (2nd November) we had completed two full wall lengths, up to ground level.  When I say we, I mean the team, under my direction.  By the end, they were so good at it, I was able to attend to other more weighty matters indoors……

2013_11_ 2_19_34


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